Jun 25 2017

10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Dog #puppy #adopted #by #cat

10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Dog

Nothing says love like the adoration in a rescued dog’s eyes! If adoption is a word that’s not on your radar, than it’s important for you to know that you won’t find a better friend and constant companion than a pup that’s been adopted from a shelter or rescue agency – they just have so much to give back!

Animal shelters and rescue groups across North America are overflowing with lovely dogs who are just begging for the chance to be adopted into a ‘fur’ever home, so instead of picking your next pup from a pet store or buying from a breeder, why not think about a short jaunt down to the local animal shelter to find your next best friend?
It’s no secret that homeless dogs often get a bad rap.

Worried about your potential pup’s background?

Actually, it’s a common misconception that rescue dogs have all been abused or are there because of bad behavior.

In fact, most dogs end up in shelters because of human concerns or constraints; a divorce, an unexpected move, a new baby at home, or lack of time on the part of their owners are just some of the many reasons that these pups end up in need of a new home.

Let’s take a look at ten great reasons why you should choose to adopt your next canine companion!

Overpopulation is a Real Problem

Irresponsible breeders, puppy mills and pet stores all contribute to the growing problem of pet overpopulation.

By adopting instead, you’re reducing the number of pets in rescue situations, and opening up a space for a shelter to help another pet in need.

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Emergency Rapid Response Team says:

Only one I do not agree with is Overpopulation is a Real Problem. If you read u on No Kill Shelters it is very possible for all dogs to be adopted. All shelters and rescues across the Nation need to network together.

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