May 11 2017

Adopt Virtual Pets, Collect Adoptable Eggs, And More! #apet #plastic #definition

Welcome to Egg Cave!

The wonderful world of Ark is home to the mysterious and magical Egg Cave that contains the most rare and beautiful eggs. Join free to.

  • Adopt hundreds of amazing creatures!
  • Evolve your creatures by caring for them
  • Explore visually stunning worlds
  • Make friends, hang out on the Forums, and more

Enter the Egg Cave and let your exciting journey begin.

Stumble Upon Adventure!

Adopt Creatures

Steal magical creatures from the Egg Cave or adopt them at the Adoption Center.

Explore Ark

Visit and discover all corners of the island for endless fun!

Share Everywhere

Share your creatures around the Internet so they’ll hatch, level up, and evolve.

Travel Abroad

Purchase backgrounds at the Travel Agency to take your creatures to exotic places!

Socialize and be you

With over 1 million posts, there’s a lot to talk about. Our Forums are the friendliest.

Lots and lots more!

Compete on the leaderboards, customize your Profile, trade, shop, and so much more!

Egg Cave is a free virtual pet game where you can collect and hatch adoptable eggs. Care for your eggs by sharing them around the Internet to get views, clicks, and feeds. Then, watch them evolve and hatch into awesome and powerful creatures. Make friends, shop, and explore the world of Ark for endless fun! Start your adoptable eggs collection today.

2016 Egg Cave a Bumpwire web site.

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