Jul 31 2017

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Japanese medical experts observed men, whose age ranged from 34 to 67 years. The median age of the experiment participants was 52 years. The signs of andropause appear usually when a man is in his 50s. All experiment participants were healthy. They did not have any chronic diseases, which could negatively affect the sexual function: (urological diseases, hypertension, diabetes and others). The experiment lasted a few months. Medical experts were measuring testosterone levels making blood tests. In addition, men had to report to the researchers about their work stress, and they had to answer the questions about their sexual life honestly. As a result, a direct relationship between stress, ED stage and testosterone level was found. The more a man was stressed at work, and the higher was the degree of his responsibility, the less testosterone was formed. These things caused the problems – poor erection, premature ejaculation and the other troubles. The men who took part in the experiment were also asked not to look for Cialis for sale online and not to take any other medications affecting potency.

Men who take work problems too close to their hearts always complained about the weak libido. Therefore, when a guy does not want to get earlier andropause, he must not overload himself at work; avoid stress and rest much. In case, ED comes despite all the precautions, the best way to get rid of it treating the problem is to order low 5 mg dose of generic Cialis for sale and take it daily.

Since ancient times saliva was considered an integral part of any love game. Indian and Arabic lovers exchanged with their saliva when making love. It was believed that saliva of an excited woman can to stop the aging process of a man. Combine with a method of an excitement with taking Viagra pills for men. and you will become a great lover again.

Thyme is also known since ancient times. The herb used in teas and extracts, enhances potency. Ancient lovers covered their bedrooms’ floors with Thyme and roses.

Taking a hot and cold shower or a bath affects blood circulation. It works almost like Cialis or Viagra. Sure, it does not work as fast as these medications, but this method of enhancing potency also works. Yes, you can order Viagra for men online and combine taking blue pills with hot and cold shower.

All know that sex excitement comes from the brain. Use ice cold compresses, placing them to the base of the brain, to your ribs and heart for a minute. You can also place these ice cold compresses to genital area for a minute, not more. Frozen ice here is used as the best enhancer of potency.

The other popular ways of boosting potency and fertility levels also exist. They include: – Wearing boxers shorts and avoiding tight jeans; – Eating products rich with zinc; – Avoiding drinking alcohol and smoking; – Drinking only bottled water; – Eating organic food, etc.

Combining the methods mentioned above, you will enhance the quality of your potency and get the happier sexual life.

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