Oct 26 2017

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Welcome to COAT

On July 1st, 2015 the COAT program became part of the Quality Matters (QM) organization. All cohorts that started before July 1st will finish the program under MOL’s guidance. For more information about the transition, for future opportunities with COAT, or to contact us please visit the COAT transition site on

The Certificate for Online Adjunct Teaching (COAT) program provides online professional development for online instructors – college, K-12, continuing education, government, and corporate.

Our flagship course is the Certificate for Online Adjunct Teaching course, which was originally designed for college adjunct instructors. However, higher education full-time faculty and administrators, K-12 educators and administrators, instructional designers, and many others have taken the course. and been very satisfied with the results!

Content for the COAT course was based upon research conducted by a team of professionals from seven different higher education institutions. Based upon this research. the course was designed and developed by a team of experienced online instructors and instructional designers from six institutions.

Over 800 educator and professionals from 38 states, 119 institutions, and 12 countries have completed the COAT course since we first began offering it in 2010. Feedback from COAT alumni has been overwhelmingly positive, with more than 90% of COAT respondents indicating the course met or exceeded their expectations and that they would recommend the course to a colleague. (See more of what our “alumni” have to say . )

Building on the success of our ground breaking COAT course, we now offer versions of the course customized to meet the needs of K-12 educators and Continuing Education instructors. In addition, we also recently added a course that many K-12 educators love. “Stay Current with Tools of the Web: Create a Personal Learning Network “ helps instructors learn to use free web tools to connect with content experts and create a network of support and tools for any discipline. These networks make wonderful resources for K-12 educators to introduce into their classrooms, whether face-to-face or online.

For more information about the COAT program, our history, and the extensive research that forms the basis for all things COAT, see “About Us ” and “Research. ” We also encourage you to join our mailing list to receive periodic news or to join our interest list to be notified of upcoming courses that you might be interested in.

The Certificate for Online Adjunct Teaching (COAT) is one of several MarylandOnline (MOL) programs. MarylandOnline is an inter-segmental consortium of Maryland colleges dedicated to championing distance education and enhancing the quality and availability of e-learning in Maryland and worldwide.

One MarylandOnline product, Quality Matters (QM ), addresses quality in online course design and has received national recognition and numerous awards.

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