Sep 30 2017

Colorado Log Home – Wood Restoration Using The Best – Most Modern Methods! Dustless Blasting,


Colorado Log Home Wood Restoration
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By Lightning Mobile Inc.

When it comes to restoring a log home, log cabins, wood siding, wooden decks and other larger scale wooden projects, we are Colorado’s specialists in wood restoration!

We are known as the “Blasting Specialists” of Colorado and whether your project might need “Dustless Blasting ,” Corn Cob Grit Blasting. Walnut Shell Blasting or one of other specialized “blasting” services, we have the knowledge and experience to advice which is the best approach for your wood restoration project.

One must take care when it comes to restoring log homes and cabins, as well as anything wooden. As wood is left out in the open air, weather and UV rays, the surface can start to deteriorate, water and the weather can create stains and the wood loses its appeal, as well it will become a maintenance problem.

We are Lightning Mobile, Inc.. one of Colorado’s Largest Commercial and Industrial Property Maintenance Companies. This is one of the few specialties we perform that we offer to residential properties too! We are a family owned, Denver, Colorado based company with decades of experience, skills and knowledge.

Before our Log Home Restoration by Lightning Mobile, Inc.

After our Log Home Restoration by Lightning Mobile, Inc.

Lightning Mobile Inc.. have the “ Dustless Blasting ” equipment and we are finding that this new method of “wet abrasive” blasting can be the perfect method to remove stains, paint, polyurethane, lacquer and any other coating that the wood surface might be covered in.

Please visit our webpage to learn more about our Dustless Blasting methods to recover the original beauty of your wood.

Corn Cob Grit Blasting is one of the more widely known blasting methods to strip away old wood stains, lacquers, paint and the like. Please visit our webpage to learn more about Corn Cob Grit Blasting.

Walnut Shell Blasting is another preferred blasting method to restore the original look of the wood.

A gentler media friendly to wood must be used! Most often it is one of the above methods that is used to clean log cabins and homes, wooden beams and wood walls in order to restore the natural look of the wood without destroying its integrity. Something like “sandblasting” can be far too destructive for wooden surfaces.

Sometimes we have a situation or a customer’s preference where we do not use a “blasting” method at all and instead use a power / pressure washer and a cleaning agent to remove the graying and discoloration of the log home and/or wood siding.

Most times we would use a solvent like Oxalic Acid. which is a good neutralizer and oxidizer. Another choice is Citric Acid. an all natural cleaner / stripper that works well on some wood conditions. Trisodium Phosphate is another cleaning agent that we might use when the wood is particularly dirty. Then after any of these applications we thorough low pressure wash the wood surfaces in order to ensure that all the cleaning agent/s are removed from the wood.

Care must be given when applying any of these types of cleaning agents and it is best to leave this to the professionals that understand what they are doing and how the wood will most likely react to each solvent, which solvent to use and the correct pressure of washing. Having too much cleaning agent applied can result in the surface of the wood log getting “fuzzy” and then needing sanding.

Please call us at (720) 893-2845 so that you’ll be able to have an expert give you the proper advice.

We do not perform any type of “refinishing” such as staining, painting, caulking, chinking or the like.

Colorado Log Home and Wood Surface Restorations
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