Sep 20 2017

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General chemistry for non-science and science majors

Oregon State Ecampus delivers general chemistry courses online for non-science and science majors which satisfy requirements in a variety of fields.

OSU faculty demonstrate how they teach chemistry online by using a variety of interactive tactics to engage students.

General chemistry for non-science majors

Students majoring in physical, biological or environmental sciences may require these chemistry courses in their program of study. In addition, students entering health-care fields with a focus on patient care – or in roles such as technicians, therapists, technologists, dental hygienists and dietitians — may require general chemistry.

These classes are geared toward students who have had no previous training in chemistry and for those whose college aptitude test scores indicate the need for a more elementary introduction to chemistry.

The labs are included within each course, saving you time and money while providing ample opportunity for exploration of concepts.

Core classes – non-science

Each lab in the CH 261/262/263 sequence is delivered in an intensive, three-day format designed for Ecampus students to minimize time required on-campus. Learn more about this optional lab series. Completion of the core classes satisfies most of OSU’s undergraduate baccalaureate core requirements.

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Currently it’s summer term. See academic calendar for our quarter term schedule.

Fall term starts Sept. 20.
Winter term starts Jan. 8, 2018.

Featured student

This class (CH 121) far exceeded my expectations for an online course. I found it wonderfully organized with relevant material and clear expectations. I would heartily recommend this class.
Hasina, Online general chemistry student in Oregon

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