May 22 2017

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We are Cardiac Imaging, Inc.. and we are at the forefront of cardiac PET imaging.

I was truly very apprehensive because I am not a fan of having strange stuff cycled into my old body. The professionalism, expertise, and kindness of your technologist and nurse were absolutely wonderful. I shared my feelings with them and they in turn, explained every step of the procedure and the technologist even held my hand when he injected me with the stuff. As it turned out, I never knew I had it. All that worry for nothing. Thanks to them.

I just wanted to tell you that you should be so grateful that you have these two people with your company and I am so pleased to have met them and to have them take care of me even though your technologist said he hoped he’d never see me again, unless at the beach. Thank you.

-Patient, July 2015

My experience with Cardiac Imaging was pleasant. When I got to the imaging place there was a person in there getting scanned and I had to wait 10 minutes even though I was on time because he had arrived late. Luckily though, the staff had me in and out in less than 45 minutes.

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