Dec 8 2016

Pet Adoption: need to adopt a pet or rehome? Search pets for adoption now! #answers

PawsLikeMe was founded by animal welfare advocates and technologists to create online solutions that meet your specific needs

  • Free pet administration panel
  • Use our personality quiz to match your pets to the right adopters!
  • Refer owner surrenders to our rehoming service and get back part of the adoption fee
  • Free marketing on social media channels for your organization and your pets

PawsLikeMe’s adoption management system is only available to non-profits, veterinary clinics, and approved adoptions groups.

Find a Pet a Home

The right way

Need to rehome your pet?
Found a pet you can’t keep?
Find them a good home without having to surrender them to a facility.
Post a pet

We know it’s hard – we are here to help

  • Post your pet online and receive free marketing tools
  • Add your pet’s personality profile to get them matched to the right adopters
  • Spread the word using our social campaigns
  • Get guidance and advice from our experienced team
  • Use our ready-to-go online adoption application
  • Feel good knowing up to 50% of the adoption fee will be donated to animal welfare

Pawsome featured pets

Pet Matching Algorithm

PawsLikeMe creates a complex matching score by combining four core personality quadrants for canine and human and then applying scoring weights based on environmental and special factors combined with pre-filtering based on your specific needs.

The 4 Core Personality Quadrants

The quadrants represent canine personality traits that humans are aligned with, and offer a unique perspective into human/canine compatibility.


Energy measures physical as well as mental energy. A dog with high energy tends to be very motivated and active. A dog with low energy prefers the lazy life and won’t go out of his way to keep himself entertained.


Confidence measures the dog’s level of security. A dog with high confidence will confront new situations and people with no hesitation. A dog with low confidence will need more guidance and reassurance in their daily life.


Focus measures a dog’s ability to concentrate on a given task. A high focus dog is not easily distracted and is well suited for advanced training. A low focus dog is spontaneous in play and easily distracted.


Independence measures a dog’s level of affection. A very independent dog is happy with minimal physical contact; a glance or kind word. A dog with low independence thrives on petting, giving kisses, and being in contact.

Pet Adoption Services – Pet Community – Personalized Guidance

PawsLikeMe offers easy online applications, pet inquiries, and adoption payments. Once an adoption is completed, you will receive our unique PawsLikeMe adoption package. This will include 30-days free pet insurance, product discounts on toys, food and supplies, a care and training guide, and an adoption certificate

Pets are unique individuals

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Want to tell your animal loving friends how to find the right pet? Curious to see how they and you match with available pets? Think this is seriously cool? Then tell your friends and family about us, and help all adoptable pet nationwide. Spread the word – PawsLikeMe’s matching system works!

•• We Believe •• A pet’s life is valuable •• Pets are family members •• Rescued pets are thankful • • Overpopulation = Suffering •• We believe in taking Responsibility •• We believe in YOU too ••

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