Jul 31 2017

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A New Breed of Pet Shop in Perth

We understand your love of pets, because we love them too!

At Select Pets, we are passionate about providing you with the infinite joy a pet can bring. We can also help you properly look after them, so they can remain happy and healthy for many years to come.

Are you looking for a furry, feathered or fishy friend? Select Pets Bicton is Perth’s premier pet store. You’ll find kittens, puppies. fish. birds and small pocket pets for sale.

We also carry super premium dog and cat food (Hills Science Diet, Royal Canin and Advance). Additionally, we offer a wide array of pet accessories. So if your pet needs a new lead, toy or edible treat, come into our pet store in Perth.

All Select Pets staff are experienced in the pet industry.

Our Local Puppy Policy

  • All our puppies are sourced from local breeders only.
  • All of our puppies are locally bred, and we personally view each puppy’s mother and living conditions before accepting them for sale.
  • Air travel causes unnecessary stress on the puppy which can lead to short term illnesses.
  • If you are considering buying a puppy from a shop, always ask the question – are they locally bred and sourced?

Leading the way with Pet Reform

As well as our local puppy policy, we are also an exclusive retail outlet for the Cat Haven. Which is why we educate families on the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Is your new family member at Select Pets Bicton?

Come in and see for yourself! We are one of few pet shops who allow our puppies space to run around in a puppy play pen. You can come and pet our pups and get to know their personalities before buying. In addition we have gorgeous kittens, friendly fish and playful pocket pets just waiting to be loved and cared for by someone special.

Find out how we are different to other pet shops in Perth. Contact us today on (08) 9339 3372 or visit us at our Bicton store.

Dog washes also available!

  • Weekdays by Appointment
  • Saturday come in between 10am 4:30pm and Sundays between 11:30 and 4:30pm.


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