Dec 21 2016

Pet Stores in Worcester, Massachusetts with Reviews & Ratings #for #kids

Worcester Pet Stores

This place is great and the ow.

This place is great and the owner is very helpful. I was having trouble starting my new saltwater tank and he hooked me up with numerous chemicals for free to get the water going and was very patient with me. The owner will give you great deals on fish and supplies! Go to this location if you need anything for Saltwater Aquariums, Fresh water Aquariums, Birds or turtles. He is great and you wont be disapointed. same building as Halloween outlet just on the side of the building.

I’ve known Brian for many years. I’ve bought 4 parrots from Brian,all healthy according to the bird and cat clinic on park ave!���� if I have questions about my birds, who do I call? No,not ghost busters, lol, I call Brian. He’s not just my supplier of things I need for my birds,he’s Family.

Owner (Brian I think) is a ver.

Owner (Brian I think) is a very nice, knowledgeable and helpful person. Always has fish you don’t get in other pet stores. He is always willing to help and really knows fish and related issues and how to fix. Thank you Brian (I think) for all your help and the great deals.

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