Feb 13 2017

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Pet supplies

Quality Gold Coast pet foods pet health supplies

Here at uncle toms we aim to provide high quality pet supplies at under RRP prices. All the way from your super premium dog and cat food, high quality and budget chook, bird foods, flea, tick and worm treatments and much much more. We also stock guinea pig mixes for adult and young guinea pigs as well as quality eating hay and bedding straw for guinea pigs

Some of the products we stock are:

  • Canidae
  • Felidae
  • Royal Canin Dog and Cat Food
  • Hills Science Diet Dog and Cat Food
  • Canine Country Barf
  • Bonnie
  • Pro Plan
  • Supercoat Dog and Cat Food
  • Uncle Albers
  • Great Barko
  • Red Hen
  • Allora Grain and Milling Bird/Chook Seed
  • Barastoc Chook Feed
  • Dog Pro/Dog Pro Plus
  • Miscellaneous Cat Litters
  • Miscellaneous Dog and Cat Treats
  • Eukanuba Dog Food
  • Advance Dog Food
  • Breeders Choice Bird Seeds
  • Advantix
  • Advocate
  • Advantage
  • Sentinel
  • Interceptor
  • Comfortis
  • Frontline Plus
  • Revolution
  • Fidos Pet Shampoos

Here are some Informational website links for our best selling products. If there are products that we do not stock that you are looking for please contact us as we do our best to find and order in anything you are looking for.

Black Hawk dog and cat food

Organic Paws Australian Certified Organic Pet food.

Organic Paws offers a variety of freshly frozen raw meat meals for cats, dogs or other carnivorous animals that require a raw meat diet.

Oxbow animal health products

High fibre feed products for guinea pigs and rabbits.

Canidae Dog and Felidae Cat Food

Canidae is a holistic dry pet food that is made from all natural high quality ingredients and feature a natural dog food and grain free dog and cat food.

Canine Country Barf Dog and Cat food

Canine country barf is a high quality locally made barf diet, available in many varieties and comes highly recommended among holistic vets.

Royal Canin Dog and Cat Food

Royal Canin is a super-premium pet food made from high quality ingredients. It focuses on size and age based nutrition and also has some breed specific formulas.

Hills Science Diet Dog and Cat Food

Hills Science Diet is one of the most recognised names in super premium pet foods. It focuses on size and age based nutrition.

Pro Plan Dog Food, Supercoat dog and cat food and Bonnie Dog Food

Purina make a variety of different standard pet foods to suit most budget needs.

Scottys Cooked Rolls Dog Food

Scotty’s is a cooked loaf roll dog food that is all natural.

Laucke Dog food and Chook Food

Laucke make a high quality Red Hen chook food that will help your chooks produce tasty eggs. They also make the Uncle Albers and Great Barko Dog foods.

Allora Bird Feed

We stock a large range of Allora bird seeds and mixes from 1kg all the way up to 20kg bags

Vet Products

Bayer Flea and Tick control

Bayer makes Advantage, Advocate and Advantix range of flea/worm/tick treatments.

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick

Novartis Products

Novartis make the Sentinel and Interceptor range.

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