Feb 5 2017

PetFinder: Find – Adopt A Pet For Free #answer #online

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Picking, and then finding the perfect pet is a tough task for any family or individual. Many of the information will be new and much of it found on the internet can be inaccurate. Pet Finder is a website owned by the Discovery Channel (so you know you’re getting good, solid info) aimed at helping people find and adopt a pet for free.

The emphasis is on sheltered animals which were abandoned and abused. While the website does not actually keep these animals, they profile hundreds of animal shelters around the US and are also affiliated with numerous charities.

Using the search form to the left of the home screen will return a list of pets and animals. You have to fill out information such as which kind of animal you want (these range from the ordinary cat/dog etc. to barnyard animals, reptiles and fully grown horses), what breed, age, size, gender and of course where you live. A sample set of search results can be viewed below.

The site is also packed with information about the proper way to adopt a pet, how to care for an animal and information on pet health. Issues such as training, lifestyle and post-adoption help are also provided. The articles are really long and packed with information and tips about your animal. They’re also written by proven experts in their fields.

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