Jan 31 2017

Polyester Products: Polymer and Resins #need #answers

Polymer and Resins

INVISTA has a long history of providing innovative polyester polymers to the fiber and nonwovens market. These polymers come in a variety of lusters, from clear to full-dull. These polymers are used in numerous end-use applications, such as textile and technical filament, BCF carpet and nonwoven applications. Polymers with a next generation catalyst system and enhanced performance, such as low melt, are also available.

Polyester Homo- and Copolymers for the film and sheet market have been developed to enhance performance for the customers. These polymers serve markets including APET, CPET, thin and thick film, and thermal sealing.

PET packaging resins from INVISTA produce containers that have excellent clarity, are lightweight and are shatterproof. These resins serve a variety of markets including carbonated soft drink (CSD), water, beer, juice, wine, food and custom container applications.

Producing unique, customizable polyester polymers creates value for our customers. This skill allows our researchers to take full-advantage of the performance features of polyester to create polymers for high-performance Engineering applications.

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