Apr 20 2017

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Pet of the Week – April

November 28, 2016

April is a wonderful red-eared slider turtle. April can be outgoing and will shamelessly beg for food. Turtles are definitely lifetime companions and April still has quite a bit of growing to do. Turtles are long lived animals that require daily care and attention. They can live up to 50+ years and will require owners who are committed to keeping them happy and healthy.

Pet of the Week – Puss n’boots

November 21, 2016

This lady will quietly purr her approval of petting, brushing and chin scratches for short visits. If she has company over, she would prefer it be a light lunch, rather than a full meal. She definitely charts her own course in the pursuit both social and quiet time!

Pet of the Week – Tootsie

November 14, 2016

Tootsie is a fairly low-key, mild manner boy and is looking for guardians to match! He’ll need a calm household with people who can devote time to building his confidence gradually. He would do best in a home with adults only, or older teens. Tootsie is calm and graceful but also has a determined streak when out for walks to go his own path.

Pet of the Week – Emily

November 07, 2016

This lovely lady named Emily is on the hunt for a new forever home. She is social and outgoing but only on her terms, because of this an experienced rabbit caregiver is required. It is also recommended that she is not in a home with young children. Emily loves to munch of veggies and treats, and lounge in her hide box.

Fun Giving Tuesday Activities for Kids and Adults!

November 04, 2016

Giving Tuesday, which takes place on November 29th 2016, is described as the ‘opening day of the Giving Season’. It’s a time for Canadians to come together and support their communities. It is also a day for us to kick off our Hope for the Holidays campaign here at the shelter! Our Hope for the Holidays campaign raises funds and awareness for the animals in our shelter, especially those who have been with us for a long a time and who we want to be in a loving, forever home in time for the holiday season! We’ve got a whole bunch of fun ways for you to get involved and help homeless pets at our shelter, so please read on!

Pet of the Week – Gizzy

October 31, 2016

Meet Gizzy! She is a great cat and has won the hearts of all those that have met her. She is a regular mother hen taking lost kittens under her wings.

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