Dec 9 2016

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Introducing the G series portfolio of PET imaging systems.

Our multi-modal scanners provide highly sensitive and quantitative biological assays in such fields as oncology, immunology, neurobiology, cardiology, and pharmacology. Together, the G4 PET/X-ray and G8 PET/CT are high-performance translational research tools that offer a compact, laboratory-friendly footprint and an intuitive workflow.

The G8 PET/CT is only available through our exclusive partnership with PerkinElmer. To contact a PerkinElmer representative directly, please visit the PerkinElmer contact page !

Merging simplicity with flexibility, the G8 PET/CT is a high-performance PET system coupled to a high-quality, sub-minute CT. Designed specifically for small animal imaging applications, the G8 PET/CT’s sleek benchtop design includes a fully-integrated animal management system and 3-clicks-to-data workflow. G8 is the premier solution for your mouse and rat PET/CT imaging needs.

G4 PET/X-ray features the highest sensitivity PET scanner on the market at the lowest price. For 1/3 of the cost of traditional floor-based systems, G4 provides true benchtop multimodal imaging with integrated animal handling for mice and rats. When the bottom-line is as important as the quality of data.

Which G-Platform is right for you?

Answer a few questions to find out if G4 PET/X-ray or G8 PET/CT is the best option for your research needs:

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